You are probably wondering what ‘bibliotek’ is and who we are.

bibliotek is a community of musicians and creatives founded in Leeds but quickly expanding. We aim to release the music that we love and help the creative community thrive.

We champion independence and collaboration.

‘bibliotek’ is:

Adam, Thomas and Tom.

Thomas and Tom are in an electronica trio called Laminate Pet Animal, as well as their respective solo projects.

Adam (Destroy All Monsters) puts on some great electronic and alternative gigs in Leeds.

What we do

Bibliotek was born out of the frustration that there are so many great creatives working independently, but nothing linking them together.

There is nothing to celebrate and unify the creative output of our friends.

We aim to change this.

Primarily, we are going to be releasing the music we love.

However it is important to note that we are not a label.

Labels are increasingly becoming obsolete, with bands being able to do pretty much everything themselves given enough time.

We seek to add value to the music we release. We want to give the music we love a home.

bibliotek is a non-for-profit collective. We do not take any cut from the music we release.

The artists own 100% of everything.

Connecting People

You can only go so far on your own.

Through running Laminate Pet Animal, we have been lucky enough to meet so many inspirational people.

Starting out with the project, we didn’t know anything about releasing music, branding or who to speak to regarding gigs.

We want bibliotek to connect people.

We don’t just want to release music; we aspire to help artists in any way possible.

That is why you will find a ‘friends’ tab on the site.

Here you will find everything from graphic designers we love, to the photographers we use, mastering engineers we trust, venues we respect…

Organic Growth

This whole concept revolves around our values of trust and friendship.

bibliotek is about organic growth and transparency.

We cannot provide a huge PR campaign for a new release or help you organise a tour.

However, maybe we can put you in touch with one of our illustrators for your EP artwork. Or perhaps help you find a premiere for your new single with one of our friend’s blogs.

We want biblotek to be built upon the people we trust.

Cross-promoting releases.

Friends helping friends.

We aspire to provide advice, guidance and help in anyway way we can.

The Future

This is only the start for bibliotek and we have lots of releases in the works.

This blog will keep you up to date with all things bibliotek, including our artists, friends and events. As well as interesting features, guest posts and interviews.

If you have read this and want to get in touch, then please do so via the ‘contact’ page.

Alternatively, you could drop us an email at hello@wearebibliotek.com

We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.

We’ll see you very soon!

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  • Brilliant. Much love and respect for the bibliotek community – In an industry that can often be so artistically territorial, it’s so refreshing to see artists and like minded creatives coming together in one place.

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